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Effects Of Black Money On Indian Economy - 1679 Words

CHAPTER TWO: LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 Introduction The intent of writing the following literature review is to highlight the knowledge of origin of black money, the consequences of black money on Indian economy. In addition this section will anchor on how the economy is going to change if black money from around the globe is brought back to its country. This review will be done by studying and scanning of existing resources on Indian economy. It will also determine the policies made to stop generating black money in the first place. 2.2 Critical Review 2.2.1 origin black money There are many sources of generation of black money and some of them are legal means and the others are illegal means. Practices such as weapon trading, terrorism, selling of counterfeit or stolen goods are some of the main illegal means. Where corruption is concerned, black money is earned through giving and taking of bribes by public officers.. Apart from this, the politicians and political parties take bribes from foreign companies and invest it in tax havens to transfer it to india when needed. It is also generated through evasion of taxes by hiding the income from public authorities. Commercial sector also generates a huge sum of black money by creating an imbalance between exports and imports by under-invoicing exports and over-invoicing imports from countries like Singapore, UAE, and Hong Kong etc. The figure bellow shows manipulations of accounts for tax evasion.Show MoreRelatedCashless Indi A New Beginning Essay1429 Words   |  6 PagesCASHLESS INDIA: A NEW BEGINNING Introduction: The Indian Economy post Economic Reforms of 1991 has witnessed drastic growth and development coupled with higher international integration at the global platform. Among various other emerging markets, India promises higher investment returns, which can be further attributed to many factors. The economy of India is seventh-largest in the world in terms of nominal GDP and third-largest in terms of purchasing power parity(PPP)Read MorePositive Impacts Of Gst In India1011 Words   |  5 Pagesreforming tax for Indian economy by developing a common Indian market after independence (CBDT, July 2017).In India, it has become a reforming tax for Indian economy by developing a common Indian market after independence. The idea of one nation, one tax is welcomed by every community of India such as businessmen, Government, Professionals and industries. Additionally, the objective of GST is to increase compliance of tax to avoid avoidance of tax. Although, GST is a boom for India, Indian community areRead MoreNepal s Effect On India1322 Words   |  6 Pagesborder since Nepal s new constitution came into effect on 20 September 2015. Over the past months in 2015, at least 40 people were killed in clashes with police during the protest. Close to 4,300 trucks were stranded along the border on the Indian side for days together. Transporters complained of difficulties moving within Nepal, too. They also raised security concerns due to the prevailing unrest. Nepalese politicians completely refused to obey Indian government intervention in making of the new constitutionRead MoreUniformity In Computing Taxes For Goods And Service818 Words   |  4 Pagesrollout, which will aid in GDP growth (according to most research reports an estimate 1-2%) over then next 3 to 5 years. This incremental income can be used in developing public infrastructure in the longer term. 7. Discouragement of Black Money Practices- Black money will get stifled and this may lead to more income for the government exchequer. This will then percolate to public spends and better quality of life. NEGATIVE IMPACT OF GST Service tax rate @ 15% is presently charged on the servicesRead MoreSouth Afric A Place Like No Other1569 Words   |  7 PagesSouth Africa is a place like no other. If you’re looking at a map, you’ll find it South of Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Namibia. Spanning from the Atlantic Ocean on the West coastline and The Indian Ocean on the East, South Africa is over 2500 kilometers long (South Africa s Geography). This largely populated country houses over 52 million people, who collectively speak ten different languages. South Africa alone is the same size as Niger, Angola, Mali, and Columbia (South Africa s Geography)Read MoreCaribbean History: THE POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE EFFECTS OF INDENTURESHIP ON THE BRITISH CARIBBEAN BETWEEN THE PERIOD OF 1838 AND 19211629 Words   |  7 PagesTHE POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE EFFECTS OF INDENTURESHIP ON THE BRITISH CARIBBEAN BETWEEN THE PERIOD OF 1838 AND 1921 According to readings in the Caribbean Studies, indentureship is a contract labor system in which the workers were waged to work in the Caribbean. These indentured workers had to sign a contract for their employer ensuring that they will work for them for a period of time usually 3-5 years. They were punished if the contract was breached and received three benefits at the end of their contractRead More The Economics of the South and the Civil War Essay examples1618 Words   |  7 Pagesnation. A war could not be stopped from happening once the Compromise of 1850 happened. The South was frantic to keep slavery going. Their whole economy was bases around the economics of slavery. The North did not realize that there was more than freeing the slaves to do with the war. The economics of the south was free labor caused by slavery. The black slave was a God sent for the Southern states in that it allowed them to make a great profit off their crops. William Freehling said, â€Å"Po sterityRead MoreSlavery in Latin America1676 Words   |  7 Pages After the initial conquest of Mexico and South America it was time to develop the economy and export the resources that would benefit the monarchy back home in Spain and Portugal. Silver and Gold were two such commodities. Silver mines in Northern Mexico were supervised by blacks who directed the Indians in the arduous task of extracting the precious metal. Gold in Central Mexico was also mined by blacks. The Gold mining regions were hot, tropical, isolated areas of the jungle. The regionsRead More Slavery In Latin America Essay example1641 Words   |  7 Pages  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  After the initial conquest of Mexico and South America it was time to develop the economy and export the resources that would benefit the monarchy back home in Spain and Portugal. Silver and Gold were two such commodities. Silver mines in Northern Mexico were supervised by blacks who directed the Indians in the arduous task of extracting the precious metal. Gold in Central Mexico was also mined by blacks. The Gold mining regions were hot, tropical, isolated areas of the jungle. The regionsRead MoreCommercial Revolution1608 Words   |  7 PagesAmerica helped to improve Europe’s economy, how this had also a negative effect on its economy and what were the overall consequences of the commercial revolution. As mentioned before, the Commercial Revolution was a period of time in which many changes surged. It was characterized by the rise of a capitalistic economy and the transition from a town-centered to a nation-centered economic system (Palmer y Colton); in other words, it was a capitalistic economy because there were private ownerships

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Influence of The Cold War and on Literature - 992 Words

The age of McCarthyism from 1945 through 1963 was a time of great tension and fear in American history. The emotions in society influenced the writing of that time, resulting in two of the most powerful plays ever written: Inherit the Wind and The Crucible. These stories reflect the attitudes and personas of what was prevalent in the world at the time they were written. Inherit the Wind, written by Robert E. Lee and ___ Lawrence, has an array of characters that mirror the world during McCarthyism. The greatest similarity between Inherit the Wind and its historical context is evident in the character of Brady and Senator Joseph McCarthy’s personality. Joseph McCarthy exhibited a compelling style when orating speeches that came to define†¦show more content†¦Since this particular argument is something the town believes in, Brady is an automatic hero, and Cates becomes a preordained villain. Hornbeck’s character in Inherit the Wind was used to portray another side of McCarthyism; the role of the media and the use of propaganda. He is a metaphor for the entire newspaper industry during this time period. When explaining to Rachel his style of writing he crows, â€Å"I do hateful things, for which people love me,/And lovable things for which they hate me./I am a friend of enemies, the enemy of friends; I am admired for my detestability...† (Lawrence and Lee 33) An important event in the history of the Cold War was the Korean War. In history, it was fought between North and South Korea, and each side was supported by one of the major combatants in the Cold War. The North was supported by the Soviet Union, and the South was supported by the United States through the United Nations. (Race for the Superbomb. The Korean War | PBS) This â€Å"proxy war† was a way for the two sides of the Cold War to meet on the battlefield indirectly. The relationship between Drummond and Brady is an allegory to what happened during the Korean War. Cate s’ dilemma was a way for Drummond and Brady to fight against each other, but in an indirect fashion. They fought each other by fighting someone else’ battles for them. It was a way for them to collide without personal damage. Influences of this themeShow MoreRelatedThe Spy and The Bravo785 Words   |  3 PagesSpy fiction is defined as a genre of literature that focuses on the activities of spies and the world of espionage. The genre dates back to the mid to late 19th century. An early example of a spy novel is by an American novelist James Fenimore Cooper; The spy (1821) and The Bravo (1831). Spy fiction would mostly be influenced by events that have occurred in the real world such as, the Cold War, which will be discussed in this essay and how it became to influence the writing of spy fiction and howRead MoreThe Cold War: An Inspiration for Years to Come1740 Words   |  7 PagesThe Cold War: An Inspiration for Years to Come All throughout time and history people have been at war with each other at one point or another. War can, truthfully, at times be inescapable and considered by some historians as a natural instinct, an instinct that every human being possess. Throughout history mighty empires and governments have collapsed due to the damages inflicted on by a war, yet in spite of this, some have managed to face the odds and make it through, staggering along as if nothingRead MoreInevitable Cold War On The United States And The Soviet War1683 Words   |  7 Pages Unavoidable Cold War Irina Shemetova History 12 Chris Nielsen, PhD June 13, 2015 Unavoidable Cold War The phrase cold war is associated with the so-called competition of the United States and the USSR, which began almost immediately after the Second World War. The Soviet Union was in fact a serious competitor to the United States in terms of the international prestige and as one of the most influential superpowers of the world at that time. Instead, the partnership between theRead MoreLiterary Analysis Of Cold Mountain 1298 Words   |  6 PagesAnalysis Charles Frazier’s first novel, Cold Mountain, has earned him a great amount of notoriety. From having a film adaptation of his novel in 2003, to receiving a National Book Award in fiction in 1997. Cold Mountain opens with a quotation from a journal entry by Charles Darwin: â€Å"It is difficult to believe in the dreadful but quiet war of organic beings, going on in the peaceful woods and smiling fields.† And indeed, Frazier’s acclaimed novel describes a war of beings built of flesh and blood–ofRead MoreAnalysis Of The Book Cold Mountain 1296 Words   |  6 PagesCharles Frazier’s first novel, Cold Mountain, has earned him a great amount of notoriety. From having a film adaptation of his novel in 2003, to receiving a National Book Award in fiction in 1997. Cold Mountain opens with a quotation from a journal entry by Charles Darwin: â€Å"It is difficult to believe in the dreadful but quiet war of organic beings, going on in the peaceful woods and smiling fields.† And indeed, Frazier’s acclaimed novel describes a war of beings built of flesh and blood–of courseRead MoreWar s Effect On The American Voice1737 Words   |  7 PagesVietnam and the Cold war to shape his stories. His contribution to the American voice is unique as he not only includes deep physical and psychological elements into his works, but also uses unorthodox methods to blur the lines between what really happened to characters (and what happened to Tim O’Brien during his life). Tim O’Brien’s experiences in Vietnam shaped his unique writing style, while this particular style created deep description of the physical and psychological effects of war, while incorporatingRead MoreNuclear War And The Cold War Essay1436 Words   |  6 Pagesknow the Cold War as a period of political and state tension between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. This era is often associated with the advancement of scientific research and arms build up as a result of the competition between these world superpowers, especially through the development of the nuclear bomb. Aside from the actual politics of the Cold War, Joseph Masco, professor of anthropology at the University of Chicago, argues in his novel, The Theater of Operations, that the Cold War providedRead MoreThe Butter Battle Book By Dr. Seuss1480 Words   |  6 PagesWar is dangerous, unpredictable, and destructive. World history has been witness. It is responsible for disease, poverty, famine, epidemics, separation of families, and violence. In addition, war inevitably results in serious, negative effects on the environment and the economy. The Butter Battle Book by Dr. Seuss is a symbolic representation of the Cold War which is not a suitable topic to expose children to n a children s book. Dwight D. Eisenhower would not go down in history for his accomplishmentsRead MoreParallels Between Witchcraft And Mccarthyism1405 Words   |  6 PagesSalem, Massachusetts, and McCarthyism all across America many of the traits were historically similar and based on little or no evidence. When looking back on witchcraft in the 1600s and McCarthyism in the 1940s and 50s life at the time had many influences and many things parallel; both were caused by fear and paranoia and resulted in destruction. The witch trials in Salem and the hearings all across America about McCarthyism were influenced by daily activities and daily life. The Salem witch trialsRead MoreAmerica s World War II870 Words   |  4 PagesThere is no doubt that America’s World War II is a rich source of literature and a theme for many writers. As result, they wrote many works about war literature, such as novels, poetry, plays, diaries, and personal narrative. The American Literature was formed by the history of the state that produced it just like in other nationwide literature. America was just a cluster of colonies scattered alongside the eastern seaboard of the North American continent for approximately a century

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With whom does the responsibility of the holocaust ultimately lie Free Essays

The Holocaust was the end result of a long chain of events that lead all the way back to 1919 when Hitler became part of the Nazis. But to find out who was really responsible for the Holocaust, we shall need to go way back, back to 1918. In 1918, there was a small group of right-wing extremists formed a Nationalist party, which appealed to the working classes led by Anton Drexler. We will write a custom essay sample on With whom does the responsibility of the holocaust ultimately lie? or any similar topic only for you Order Now In 1919, Adolf Hitler joined as a member of the National Socialist Germany Workers Party (‘Nazi’ for short). In 1920 the Nazis put out a 25 point statement of their beliefs. This programme was the work of Hitler. Its main ideas were nationalism, anti-Semitism and anti-capitalism. The Nazi programme called for the creation of a ‘Greater Germany’ in which all German-speaking peoples were united. It also called for the destruction of the Treaty of Versailles. There was nothing unique in these nationalistic ideas. They were shared by other German right-wing extremists. Anti-Semitism was widespread in the right-wing circles in Germany and Austria in the early 20th century. Hitler seems to have become infected with the idea in Vienna before 1914. By the early 1920s he was making speeches which contained frenzied attacks on Germany’s Jews. The Nazi programme of 1920 was openly anti-Semitic although it did not employ the violent language which Hitler used in is speeches. For nearly two decades after 1945 it was generally assumed that Hitler was totally responsible for the Holocaust – and everything else that happened in Nazi Germany. The Third Reich was seen as a one power state where all power was concentrated in the Fihrer’s hands. Hitler’s vitriolic hatred of all Jews was seen as sufficient on its own to explain the murder of millions of Jews. Many historians still believe that Hitler was an all-powerful dictator whose will was translated into action. Some historians see him conceiving the idea of the extermination of the Jews in the 1920s and pursuing this intention remorselessly once he was handed power in 1933. But back in 1918, Anton Drexler was the key point that turned Hitler (and him being refused a place at the art school by the Jews at Vienna), so really, he played a massive part. Without him, there might have not even been a Nazi party at all. But on the other hand, Hitler was not the only one responsible for the industrial removal of countless numbers of Jews. Nazi Germany was a ‘totalitarian’ country. Totalitarian countries can be thought of as ones which try to establish total control over the lives of their citizens. They always only allow one political party, the ruling party tries to force its ideas on the rest of society and tries to stop people believing in other ideas and the ruling party aims to control all aspects of people’s lives – there is no area where the citizen is left to think or act as he or she pleases. In Nazi Germany the tasks of detecting and stamping out opposition was the responsibility of the SS. The SS was created in 1925. Its full name was the ‘Schutzstaffel’. This means ‘protection squad’. The purpose for which the SS was formed was to provide Hitler and other Nazi leaders with a bodyguard. Things changed when the SS got a new leader in 1929. This was Himmler. Himmler came from a well-off middle-class family. He joined the Nazi party in 1923 after service in the army and the Free Corps. In 1929 he was only 29 years old. Special SS units called ‘Einsatzgruppen’ (action squads) were set up to deal with resistance to Nazi rule in German-occupied countries. These units were murder gangs. They went into invaded countries behind the German army and rounded up and killed anyone who was felt to be a threat. In Eastern Europe the Einsatzgruppen were responsible for hundreds of thousands of people. Their victims included Jews. This was another example of the SS and Himmler killing Jews, and overall contributing to the Holocaust. Himmler ensured that Hitler’s orders were carried out. An extreme racist who was totally loyal to Hitler, Himmler is often regarded as the ‘architect of genocide’. However, Himmler delegated considerable authority in Jewish matters to Reinhard Heydrich, his loyal henchman. At the Wannsee conference in January 1942 it was Heydrich who formalised the administrative arrangements of the Holocaust. The SS was a perfect instrument for genocide. Its members were fanatical Nazis and had a grossly distorted sense of duty. Few doubt that Himmler, Heydrich and the SS played a vital role in the Final Solution. However, Himmler and Heydrich were not the only leading Nazis involved in anti-Jewish initiatives. Nor were the SS the only killers. It was a combination of everyone in Germany who caused the holocaust. After 1937 relations between Hitler and his generals turned sour. The generals were unenthusiastic when Hitler told them of his plans for a war of conquest in Europe. Hitler decided that they were spineless.. During the war he took little notice of the expert advice of the Generals and was quick to sack them if they failed. It was once claimed that the German armed forces were untainted by Hitler’s racism and not responsible for the Holocaust. After 1938 Hitler treated the Generals with a certain amount of contempt. In 1934 he had promised them that no military force other than the army would be permitted in Germany: he broke his promise when he allowed the Waffen SS to be set up . After 1945 many of Germany’s top officers claimed they were unaware of what was happening to the Jews. Most historians now, however, believe that the army was massively implicated in the Final Solution. German historians have argued that the bulk of leading army officers were anti-Semitic and, regarding the was against the USSR as a war to the death, were quite content to support the brutality of the SS. The letters and diaries of ordinary German troops suggest that the majority were also extremely racist. Many seem to have carried out horrendous massacres with enthusiasm. In the 1920s and early 1930s foreigners working in Germany as diplomats or journalists sometimes suggested that of Hitler getting into power he would become respectable and leave anti-Semitism behind. In 1933 there were about half a million Jews living in Germany. When in power the Nazis put their anti-Semitic beliefs were savagely put into practice. It should not be thought that they were a number of people who were somehow living apart from the rest of the population in Germany and else where . In the 1920s Jewish community provided the Weimar Republic with some of its most celebrated citizens . 100,000 German Jews had fought and died alongside non-Jews in the German army during the first world war. Most members of Germany’s population . Nazi claims that Jews controlled the political and economic life of the Weimar Republic were pure fantasy. The first official attack made on Germany’s Jews came in the form of a boycott of Jewish shops ordered by Hitler for 1 April 1933. There were other anti-Jewish moves in 1933 apart from the one-day shops boycott. The most important of these was a law which forced Jews out of the German civil service. In the five years after Hitler came to power Jews in Germany were viciously persecuted. Over 200 were murdered. Large Numbers emigrated. In the 1930s half of Germany’s Jewish population left the country. Others Stayed. Perhaps they thought that after the Nuremberg Laws things could not get worse. After 1945 most Germans insisted they had no idea of what was happening to Jews in the east. Many may have been telling the truth. There is no doubt that the Holocaust was implemented with the utmost secrecy. There are no public opinion polls results to tell us so it is very hard to say how much opposition there was to Nazism in Germany after 1938. It is most likely that the number of people who disliked Nazism was very large, although people wouldn’t come forward to admit it. There is, however, a difference between disliking something and actively opposing it. The number of people who either protested openly against Nazism or who tried to overthrow it was very small. These people were people of extraordinary bravery. The penalty for resistance was at very least detention in a concentration camp and was normally death. Most people who disliked but did not resist Nazism appear to have tried to shut themselves off from what was happening. This became known as ‘inner emigration’. In 1963 the Jewish scholar Hannah Arendt claimed that: ‘if the Jewish people had really been unorganised and leaderless, there would have been chaos and plenty of misery but the total number of victims would hardly have been between four and a half and six million people’. Arendt charged Jewish leaders with helping the process of destruction by complying with Nazi orders to supply names and groups of Jews for transportation to the death camps. Many scholars have rejected this thesis. Isaiah Trunk, for example, focused attention on the dilemma confronting Jewish leaders in the Polish ghettos. His Conclusion was that they were in an impossible position. Having little option but to obey Nazi commands, they did their best to protect their communities. So, in conclusion we can see that there were many areas were people have helped along the Holocaust, and some who tried to stop it. It is a difficult question to answer, as responsibility lies in many areas. If you are talking about the killing in the concentration camps, then it would be the Nazis because they used the British idea and worked on it, then systematically moved allot of European Jews from their homes to the camps. If you are talking about the entire anti-Semitic campaign, then responsibility lies in many areas, the Nazis, even Jews themselves. So, in conclusion, I think that overall everyone in Germany at that time had a part to play in the way things went. How to cite With whom does the responsibility of the holocaust ultimately lie?, Papers

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Future of Mobile & Wireless Technology-Free-Samples for Students

Question: Analyse the Future of Mobile and Wireless Technology and its Impact on different Industries. Answer: Introduction Organization is comprised of complex set of activities in which various functions are performed. Internet of things is the most important things which could be used by organizations for the development of their business in determined approach. In this report study has been prepared to explore a specific mobile or wireless technology with a particular industry. This report reflects how transport app accompanied with internet of things system would help organizations to make effective level of business functioning. The application name drive app has been proposed in the Kiwi glass Company which could be used to transport of goods and services from one place to another place with a view to make easy and effective transportation channel for the better satisfaction of clients and vendors. This Kiwi glass Ltd is New Zealand Company which manufactures and supply glasses and other goods. However, with the increasing complexity of business and changing business environment there are several e nterprises resources planning accompanied by internet of things have been adopted by organizations. Company has been using internet of things in its business functioning which is rapidly growing network of connected objects that are able to collect and exchange data using different level of embedded sensors Company details and description Kiwi Glassware is an international company which has been running its business with a view to provide glassware products around the globe with aim to provide best quality of goods and services to clients. Kiwi Glassware has indulged in development of app accompanied with internet of things for the better implementation of business functioning. This drive app has been developed by organizations to transport of goods and services from one place to another place with a view to make easy and effective transportation channel for the better satisfaction of clients and vendors. At present company has to maintain all the data on manual basis which become cumbersome process for the organizations to establish co-ordinations between all the activities. However, due to confusing of works and orders, Kiwi Glassware has to suffer with double functioning of works and failure in delivery of works in time (Kiwi Property Group Company Profile) Literature review The internet of things was firstly inspired by the Board members of RFID community who helped to establish data base or application based system network to communicate and transform data from one place to another. As per the perception of Vermesan Friess, (2013 it is reflected that there are several organizations which have used internet of things in their business functions with a view to establish effective level of transform valuable information in their value chain activities. As stated by Al-Fuqaha, et al. 2015 it is divulged that this internet of things includes web of things, internet of objects, embedded intelligence, connected devices and technology omnipotent and other internet web which are designed to transform valuable information among the users. The traditional internet of things is formed by three layers such as bottom, middle and top functional layers. The bottom layer of IOT is used to collect the data and information while, middle functional layer is used to estab lish fixed mobile network and at the end top level layer is used to run the abundant application. As per the views of Matharu, Upadhyay Chaudhary, 2014 it is divulged that with the increasing ramification of economic changes, Kiwi Glassware has been facing several losses in its business functioning due to non-effective implementation of its value chain activities. Kiwi Glassware has to implement internet of things system in its business functioning with a view to transfer the data over a networks without requiring human to computer and human to human interaction. As stated by Barnaghi, Wang, Henson Taylor, 2012 it is depicted that Internet of things could be described as extensions of current internet to establish communication, connection and inter- networking between various devices and physical objects. As per the views of Ashton, 2009 it is revealed that drive app is the part of Internet of things which have been developed by Kiwi Glassware for the better functioning of its bu siness (Medaglia Serbanati, 2010). It has been observed that Drive app is the application which will help Kiwi Glassware to establish an effective communication chain between all of its employees and vendors. IOT has been evolved from the convergence of wireless technologies, micro electromechanically system which establish automation in organizations for the proper level of business functioning. The drive app helps Kiwi Glassware to establish a working chain which would be required to implement automation in placing orders, booking orders from clients and establishment of proper communication channel between employees. As stated by Gubbi, et al. 2013. It is reflected that in this process, all the employees and clients would download the app in their mobile. Each and every employee would be given separate login id and password to perform their works. On the other hand, clients could also use this developed app by just installing this app in their mobile and creating their own user name and password. As stated by Weber, and Weber, 2010 it is depicted that this drive app consists of several features such as showing the Kiwi Glassware goods and services online, their wallet money, their purchased and booked orders and their drive app money. However, Kiwi Glassware could also add some other features such as adding the feedbacks and their personal opinion blogs box which they could use to reflect their own opinion with the particular services and products. On the other hand, drive app used by employees would be different from that one available for clients. As per the perception of Borgohain, Kumar Sanyal, 2015 it is revealed that this app would help employees to directly connect with their co workers which they will use to communicate with each other. This app will have several safety mechanisms for employees and clients. For instant, one time password will be used for protecting the unauthorized access of ill-intentioned people. In addition to this, drive app o f Kiwi Glassware will also be consisted of human identity test. In this process each and every user will be required to type the specified words before login with the app. These types of activities will decrease the complexity of business functioning. This drive app will establish automation in the process system. This will not only increase the effectiveness of functions of organizations but also reduce the overall productions cost of business. Therefore, development of application for the business will establish a systematic value chain for the business functioning of organizations. In context with vendors, they will easily get order for manufacturing and supply of raw material. This Drive app will also have emergency option of sending automated message to vendors who will eventually prepare themselves for the delivery of products and services to organizations. Drive app developed will have 3G mobile support extension which will increase its usage and effectiveness in determined a pproach. Therefore, this developed internet of things will transform entire manual communication channel into a valuable support chat design portal for the betterment of clients satisfaction while placing order with organizations. This drive app works through its dashboard design app which users could use to communicate with organizations in systematic manner. As per the perception of Giusto, et al. 2010 it is revealed that users of Drive app could use these apps to book orders, communicate with employees, raising grievances with organizations and communicating with key managerial persons of organizations (Zhang Zhu, 2011). This Drive app will be useful in avoiding unnecessary communication gap and help organizations to determine the level of products and services need in market. For instance, clients who want to take products and services could take only just by pressing order button. However, they have to firstly authorized themselves by downloading app and verify themselves thro ugh the whole indentify process system. After that, they could create their own home page and could book the orders with organizations in easy and determined approach (Subashini Kavitha, 2011). In addition to this, Key managerial persons and other employees could also take the help of this app to communicate with each other. For instance, all the vendors and employees could download this drive app application in their mobile which will help them to communicate with each other. This app will allow them to update their required information and share their own plans. In addition to this, they could also directly ping other employees by directly selecting their app account. This will reduce the complexity of long communicating process and will also set up a clear communication chain between employees to employees, organizations to employees, organizations to clients and vendors to organizations. As stated by Uckelmann, Harrison, Michahelles, 2011 it is depicted that there are several other industries which are using the similar apps in their business functioning with a view to increase their overall turnover and clients satisfactions such as American express bank, G.E. capital and other several big multinational organizations around the globe. Therefore, it could be inferred that the drive app and its newly adopted featured will help Kiwi Glassware to reduce the complexity of its business functioning and establish proper level of communication among employees to employees, organizations to employees, organizations to clients and vendors to organizations (Gusmeroli et al. 2013) Research design and critical evaluation This research has been prepared on internet of things which includes web of things, connected devices, internet of objects, embedded intelligence and technology omnipotent which are designed to transform valuable information and establish effective level of communication among the users. It is evaluated that drive app is application which works through its dashboard design app. Users of Drive app could use these apps to book orders, communicate with employees, raising grievances with organizations and communicating with key managerial persons of organizations. For instance, presently, if Kiwi Glassware wants to place orders with vendors for supplying raw material within the specified time then in this case inventory management team would call to vendors, place order and will implement proper level of follow up process (Jing, et al. 2014). This drive app will raise the alert to the vendors once the goods economic order quantity reaches the minimum stock level. This will help not only organizations but also increase the effectiveness of placing orders with vendors. In context with clients, this app is also very useful. The newly introduced feature in this app would be the feedback box. This box will help organization to determine the drawbacks and shortcoming in its services and products offered in the market (Keoh, Kumar, Tschofenig, 2014). Therefore, with the help of this drive app, users could easily see the offered products and service by surfing on Kiwi Glasswares developed page which will be shown 24*7 hours on its drive app to its users. However, Kiwi Glassware needs to hire some IT experts for establishment of support chat mechanism for resolving clients grievances. These experts will help Kiwi Glassware to make consistent changes in its developed drive app and will also communicate with clients in timely manner. In addition to this, this drive app will also have dashboard consisted of several level of features such as message drop box, rating of product and services, delivery status and details of products in specific manner (Tsai, et al. 2014). This drive app will have all the appropriate features which would surely satisfy the clients needs and demand for online shopping portal. However, vendors could also use this drive app for maintain effective level of delivery of raw material for organizations, they will easily get order for manufacturing and supply of raw material. This Drive app will have emergency option of sending automated message to vendors who will prepare themselves for the delivery of required amount of products and services to organizations. Drive app developed will have 3G mobile support extension which will increase its usage and effectiveness in determined approach. There are other several benefits which are available for users such as it offer high variety of options to clients, they could instantly see the new collection just by clicking on the new collection tab and also ensure the payment safety mode and re ward points available in their drive app wallet. However, there are several drawbacks which are faced by Kiwi Glassware in its drive app such as high usage of network data, covering of vast area of users mobile system and hacking of users accountant. Company should indulge in overcoming these shortcomings for successful implementation of its drive app in the market (Tsai Vasilakos, 2014). Recommendation This developed drive app is comprised of several features and other intents which will ensure effective level of communication between employees to employees, organizations to employees, organizations to clients and vendors to organizations. This drive app works through its dashboard designed app which users could use to communicate with organizations in systematic manner. Users of drive app are using this app to book orders, communicate with employees, raising grievances with organizations and communicating with key managerial persons of organizations. However, with the increasing needs of clients and advancement of technology, it is observed that this app should also have auto up gradation feature. This will keep user account updated and will also help Kiwi Glassware to determine its regular active customers. In addition to this, drive app should also showcase other companies products and services for the better satisfaction of clients. The main drawback which each and every applic ation has is related to its properties. This drive application should not excess 12 MB Coverage area (Kopetz, 2011). In order to make this possible, Kiwi Glassware needs to enter into strategic alliance with cloud based organization such as Sugar CRM, Oracle and IBM who could make better level of advancement in its existing drive app. Currently, drive app consume high network data. Therefore, in future with the advancement in technology, Kiwi fruit would develop proper level of mechanism for its app so that data consumption of users in drive app could be minimized in determined approach (Bonomi, et al. 2012). Therefore, as per the future prospective of drive app, Kiwi fruit should enter into strategic alliance with Sugar CRM, Oracle and IBM who could make changes in its existing app for the better level of clients satisfaction. This strategic alliance will increase the effectiveness of IOT things of Kiwi Glassware and will reduce the complexity of business (Xia, et al. 2012) Conclusion Internet of things has been bringing a sea of technological changes in the business functioning of multinational companies. There are innumerable usefulness of IOT applications into all the domain business including, medical, manufacturing, industrial and transportation. However, it is evaluated that Internet of things has abundant benefits but still there are several shortcoming which are faced by organizations such as high usage of network data, covering of vast area of users mobile system and hacking of users accountant. Therefore, by considering all the issues and shortcoming of this IOT and developed drive app by Kiwi Glassware, it could be inferred that organization should cover up all these shortcoming and drawbacks in the future for the better level of implementation of its app in the market. References "Kiwi Property Group Company Profile". Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment. 16 December 2015. Retrieved 9 January 2016. Al-Fuqaha, A., Guizani, M., Mohammadi, M., Aledhari, M. and Ayyash, M., 2015. Internet of things: A survey on enabling technologies, protocols, and applications.IEEE Communications Surveys Tutorials,17(4), pp.2347-2376 Ashton, K., 2009. That internet of things thing.RFiD Journal,22(7), pp.97-114. 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InComputer Science and Automation Engineering (CSAE), 2011 IEEE International Conference on(Vol. 4, pp. 507-512). IEEE

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Country Profiles Malaysia and Indonesia

There are two emerging economies in Asia and these are Malaysia and Indonesia. Aside from the rhyming names there are many similarities that make it interesting to compare both countries. These two countries experienced hardships as a result of being under foreign domination. But the most impressive achievements of its people and political leaders is the creation of a new reality – one that is slowly erasing the stigma of poverty and transforming how they are being perceived by the international community.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Country Profiles: Malaysia and Indonesia specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Country Profile: Malaysia Malaysia is a melting pot of culture because it is multi-ethnic like many of its Asian neighbours. It is also a multi-religious society and yet it must be pointed out that it is a Muslim nation because majority of its population adheres to Islam. At the same time a powerful Chinese community makes up the other part of the power structure in this country. From a geographical standpoint, the country is comprised of two regions and from a geopolitical standpoint â€Å"a federation of 13 states and three federal authorities† (World Factbook, 2011, p.1). It has now become a key tourist destination in Asia. This is due to the existence of tourist spots such as excellent beaches offering water sports and breathtaking sceneries. Sixty percent of the population are ethnic Malays while twenty six percent are comprised of Chinese. The rest are Indians and other indigenous peoples (Richmond, 2007, p.45). The Gross Domestic Product per capita is $14,700 (World Factbook, 2011, p.1). The GDP composition be sector is listed as follows: a) agriculture 9.1%; b) industry 41.6%; and c) services 49.3% (World Factbook, 2011, p.1). The Malays dominate the political realm while the Chinese control the business realm. The Indians on the other hand are the poorest in the country. It is important to point out that â€Å"the United Kingdom is Malaysia’s largest market in Europe and comparatively speaking, Malaysia is the UK’s second largest market for goods in South East Asia, after Singapore† (Foreign Commonwealth Office, 2011, p.1). This is not surprising because the United Kingdom has been a leading investor in Malaysia. The cumulative investment made in the last thirty years is estimated to be over  £20 billion (Foreign Commonwealth Office, 2011, p.1). The focus of UK Trade and Investment are in education, oil and gas, and defence (Foreign Commonwealth Office, 2011, p.1). The success of Malaysia can be attributed to its trade and investments.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Although huge sums of money are coming in from the UK, the flow of investment flows in two directions because Malaysia is also investing in t he UK. There are at least eighteen Malaysian companies that are listed on the London Stock Exchange. Malaysian companies have controlling interest in Wessex Water; Lotus; Laura Ashley and the Corus hotel chain to name a few (Foreign Commonwealth Office, 2011, p.1). Malaysia is slowly emerging as a dominant economic force in Asia. Country Profile: Indonesia The economic status of the population is diverse ranging from â€Å"rural hunter-gatherers to modern urban elite† (BBC News, 2011, p.1). From a geographical standpoint Indonesia is comprised of thousands of islands big and small that are straddled in between Thailand and Australia. It is a hot and humid country and the terrain is mostly coastal lowlands and the relative size of the country is comparable to Texas (World Factbook, 2011, p.1). The size of the country, its archipelagic nature, and its ethnical diversity can explain the difficulty of managing the nation and uniting the people towards a common goal. In the decad e of the 70’s General Suharto became the nation’s tyrannical ruler. The economic development of Indonesia was based on how Suharto distributed largesse to his family and supporters (Vickers, 2005, p.169). Another problematic aspect of Suharto’s rule is his insistence of army involvement. After Suharto’s ouster from power, the nation and its people began the painful and slow rebuilding process. The country’s new political leaders had to leverage its vast natural resources to improve its economic condition. This nation has â€Å"weathered the global financial crisis because of its heavy reliance on domestic consumption as the driver of economic growth† (BBC News, 2011, p.1). Indonesia’s Gross Domestic Product per capita is $4,200 (World Factbook, 2011, p.1). The GDP composition by sector on the other hand is listed as follows: a) agriculture 16.5%; b) 46.4%; and c) services 37.1% (World Factbook, 2011, p.1). Indonesia enjoy better stand ing than its neighbour Thailand but it is not at par yet with Malaysia and could not be compared to its second closest neighbour Australia in terms of economic prosperity. Nevertheless, the marked improvement of Indonesia over the past decades is an achievement in itself considering the problems it faced in the past. The economy has stabilised due to reforms. As a result real GDP has grown by 6.1% in 2008 and is considered the fastest rate since the Asian financial crisis (Foreign Commonwealth Office, 2011, p.1).Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Country Profiles: Malaysia and Indonesia specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Indonesia could have gone to the next level and pave the way to become an economic force like Singapore and Malaysia but because of poor infrastructure, a complex regulatory environment and corruption, it underperforms. Foreign investments are not as robust as Malaysia and therefore economic growth is unnecessarily hampered. Comparison In the past Malaysia struggled to maintain stability. A country ravaged by foreign domination and weakened by decades of internal turmoil. However, in the present time many have acknowledged that this Asian nation is one of the most vibrant economies in the East. It is due to decades of industrial growth and the careful management of astute politicians. It is a success story that keeps on surprising many international observers. For the good of the Malaysian people and the Asian region, the positive trend must continue. It is comparable to Indonesia because while Malaysia was ruled by British, Indonesia on the other hand was dominated by the Dutch for many centuries. At the same both countries experienced the same thing after wrestling independence from foreign overlords – both countries were ruled for many decades by a dictator. In the case of Indonesia General Suharto came to power in 1965 and reluctantly relinquished it only in 1998. The most problematic aspect of Suharto’s rule is his insistence of army involvement in all levels of government that has resulted in corruption (BBC News, 2011, p.1). The forced evacuation of people fostered conflict. Nevertheless, Suharto did something right by allow technocrats to run the economy and therefore ensuring modest economic success. Another important criterion for comparison is the fact that both countries are known to be Muslim nations. But Malaysia managed to control the rise of extremists while Indonesia has become a playground for Islamic terrorists. In 2002 for instance a massive bomb went on in Bali, Indonesia, a world class resort frequented by many Westerners. This event tarnished the reputation of Indonesia and it can be argued that the government’s inability to curb terrorist activities is a major hindrance to their continued growth. It is therefore important to study Malaysia and how it was able to maintain an image of stability and peace even i f it is also a nation with a significant Muslim population. Another important criterion for comparison is the utilisation of natural and human resources to foster economic growth. Malaysia is an exporter of electronics; oil and gas; and palm oil and rubber. Indonesia on the other hand, exports agricultural products such as rice and cassava. One revealing point of comparison is the oil reserves and the capacity to export crude oil.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The proven oil reserves of Indonesia are 4.05 billion barrels as of 2010 estimates. ts oil exports are a modest 322,000 barrels per day as of 2009 estimates. Consider for a fact that Malaysia’s proven oil reserves is lesser at 2.9 billion barrels as of 2010 estimates. However, its oil exports are higher at 511,900 barrels per day as of 2007 estimates. This means that Indonesia can boast significant amounts of natural resources and yet it is unable to efficiently harness them. There is a big difference in the way both countries are being managed. Nevertheless, the economic reforms and financial success of the two countries cannot be denied especially if compared to Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. One possible clue to the emergence of these two economic powers in Asia is the fact that both countries succeeded in weaning their respective economies from overdependence on agricultural exports. It can be argued that more money can be made in other pursuits. It is therefore important to discover that the GDP composition per sector of the Malaysia and Indonesia are quite similar. Malaysia’s GDP in the agriculture sector is 9.1% while Indonesia is 16.5%. Malaysia’s GDP in the industry sector is 41.6% while Indonesia is 46.4%. Malaysia’s GDP in the service sector is 49.3% while Indonesia is 48.9%. This is clear evidence that both countries are serious in changing their economic make-up and investing more in industrialisation and preparing its people to compete in a highly global world. But Malaysia is farther ahead in the field; consider for instance that the HDI for Malaysia is 57 while Indonesia is 108 (United Nations Development Programme, 2011, p.1). Conclusion There is a good reason to compare Malaysia and Indonesia. Both countries have similar economic backgrounds being dominated by foreign overlords and suffered under the hands of a dictator. However, the political leaders were able to turn the economy around after they earned their inde pendence. Indonesia was mismanaged more badly than Malaysia. Thus, it may explain why the economic development lags behind that of Malaysia. The political leaders in both countries succeed in developing an economy that is not dependent on imports. The best example is the use of their oil reserves to fuel the energy needs of the nation. At the same time both countries succeeded in industrialising the economy so that Malaysia and Indonesia are gearing towards a service oriented economy. References BBC News. (2011). Indonesia Country Profile. BBC News. Retrieved from BBC News. (2011). Malaysia Country Profile. BBC News. Retrieved from Foreign Commonwealth Office. (2011). Asia and Oceania. Foreign Commonwealth Office. Retrieved from Richmond, S. (2007). Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. London: Lonely Planet. United Nations Development Programme. (2011). International Human Development Indicators: Malaysia. Retrieved from United Nations Development Programme. (2011). International Human Development Indicators: Indonesia. Retrieved from Vickers, A. (2005). A History of Modern Indonesia. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. World Factbook. (2011). Indonesia. Central Intelligence Agency. Retrieved from World Factbook. (2011). Malaysia. Central Intelligence Agency. Retrieved from This essay on Country Profiles: Malaysia and Indonesia was written and submitted by user Hayes Ramirez to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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The Sound And The Fury

The Sound And The Fury In the book the Sound and the Fury, the author, William faulkner uses his lack of femine presence in his earlier life. For example, he grew up with three older brothers and no sisters, and when he got married, his first child, whom he named Alabama, was born premature and died very soon after birth. Heartbroken, Faulkner turned to his writing and poured all of his anguish into his novel the Sound and the Fury, which was later hailed as the greatest novel he had ever written. All of his love was poured into one Character. That character was named Caddy Compson. And although Caddy she turned out to be a bad person, had an illigitimate child, and was married and divorced several times, Faulkner would not allow the reader to hate her. Always, Faulkner would place in the reader's heart, a tenderness and love that no other character would give to you.The sound and the fury

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Writing an evaluative essay about the experience

Writing an evaluative about the experience - Essay Example The play begins with the appearance of the three witches where they meet the two generals Banquo, Macbeth. We later find that the heinous crimes committed by Macbeth and Lady Macbeth have affected their psyche. Lady Macbeth is seen suffering from sleep walking malady and finally she kills herself. Macbeth is left alone to fight with the enemies after he has been crowned the King of Scotland. The play ends with the death of Macbeth. He is beheaded (Shakespeare, Gill). I have analyzed the play based on- The program note informed that the director designed the theme based on a 16th century mandala, which was present at the backdrop of the play. The play was spectacular. The supernatural scenes, which were played by three men, were exquisite. The witches looked perfect in their black gory dressed with their accompanying high-pitched voices. The dresses of the actors looked perfectly of the Elizabethan period. The dim lights and the shadowy backdrop reinforced the effect of darkness and mystery that portrayed though out the play. To enhance their effect the witches were dressed in rotting costumes, which were types of shrouds. The porter scene was also very symbolic. The drunken porter went on rambling about the inner hell of Macbeth’s castle. His drunken yet appropriate metaphors not only enhanced the plays but also lifted to another level. The sleepwalking scene of Lady Macbeth is also nerve chilling because it shows the complete disintegration of her psyche. It is seen that she tells to herself that not all the perfumes of Arabia would sweeten her hand. By this she means that the crimes that were committed by these hands could not wash away and the heinous deeds were as if smelling even after they had been washed away repeatedly. The doctor informs later the audience that she used to keep on washing her hands. We